Biochar Workshop


On Wednesday 23 2016 November BEACON ran a very successful one-day Biochar workshop.  Talks were given on:

  • Practical operation of a pilot-scale batch slow-pyrolysis unit (Damon Hammond, BEACON)
  • The effects of biochar application to soil (Dr Simon Jeffery, Harper Adams)
  • Use of pyrolysis in integrated systems (Dr John Corton, BEACON)
  • The trials and tribulations of commercialising biochar (Sion Brackenbury, Commons Vision Ltd)
  • Optimisation and field testing of biochar for the remediation of metal-contaminated mine water (Dr Bill Perkins, Aberystwyth University)
  • Life Cycle Analysis (Christopher Nunn, BEACON)

Attendees also had the opportunity to visit the Miscanthus plots to see the Miscanthus in its full autumn glory (led by Dr Jon McCalmont, IBERS), see the Pyrolysis rig (led by Damon Hammond, BEACON) and primary processing facilities (led by Dr John Corton, BEACON), and enjoy a little networking over lunch.