British Yeast Group (BYG) 2016

The British Yeast Group 2016 was held in Swansea University from 29 June to 1 July, and organised by BEACON's Professor Steve Kelly, Professor Diane Kelly, Dr Josie Parker and Dr Claire Price.  The speakers this year were: 

  • Prof Daniela Delneri - University of Manchester
  • Dr Megan Lenardon - University of Aberdeen
  • Prof Jane Mellor - Oxford University
  • Dr Jonathan Mullins - Swansea University
  • Prof Steve Oliver - Cambridge University
  • Prof David Rogers - University of Tennessee
  • Dr Jane Usher - University of Exeter
  • Prof Inge Van Bogaert - Ghent University
  • Prof Ray Waters - Cardiff University

The poster session on day 1 of the conference was a great mix of science and celebration, with beer provided by Mumbles Brewery, a local Swansea brewery. The dinner on day 2 was held at Swansea Waterfront Museum.

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