Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship programme

From Left to right: Moiz Abdul (Canada), Laura Amelia George (Canada), Anaïs Giraudeau (Stapledon Memorial Trust student from France), Byensi Jonnathan Ndorelire (Canada)

Three students from the University of Windsor, Canada, joined the BEACON team at IBERS, Aberystwyth University, in June 2018 as visiting Queen Elizabeth Scholars under the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship programme between the University of Windsor and Aberystwyth University.  Moiz Abdul, Laura Amelia George and Byensi Jonnathan Ndorelire are working on bio-refining and engineering projects with the BEACON team over the summer months. Dr Sreenivas Rao Ravella, Dr Joe Gallagher and Dr David Bryant from IBERS, Aberystwyth University collaborated with Dr Jerald Lalman from the University of Windsor, Canada. The students are currently working with BEACON engineers Joe Nunn and Damon Hammond.

Laura Amelia George says: “Having been here now for just over a month, I can say with great certainty that I am thoroughly enjoying working here with the BEACON team, as well as living in the town of Aberystwyth itself. Being from a very large city myself, I am appreciative of the quieter life in a smaller town, and I also love being so close to the sea, with a stunning sunset to see every night. Being a lover of nature I also love hiking through the surrounding countryside. I have already learnt a great deal about bio-refining through the work at this pilot plant and look forward to my remaining time here.”

Byensi Jonnathan Ndorelire says: “So far I've had a great experience at the BEACON Biorefining Centre of Excellence. As a civil engineering student I find it very beneficial to work on projects that are based on sustainability which is a very important topic today. I've taken LEED green training which is a leading education and service provider in the sustainable design and construction industry in Canada, and this shows my keen interest in environmental sustainability and that's one of the reasons why I'm having a great time here on my Co-op term. I've taken the opportunity to travel to a few cities at the weekends including Salisbury, Bath, Birmingham; I got to visit Stonehenge, and learned a lot of the history behind them. I love Aberystwyth mainly because of the beautiful landscape and the people are really nice here. I'm sure I have more to learn and more great experience on my path.”

Moiz Abdul says: “In the last month I have learned a substantial amount about bio digesters, pretreatment process, and information on how many units in the laboratory work. Much of what I have learned about these bioprocess is new to me, I had no idea that such methods existed. For example how biodigesters can be used to make energy. It amazes me that waste itself can be used to make energy. In terms of the cultural change I have had compared to Canada I have loved the feeling of living in a small city and viewing many of the historical sites here. I have also had the opportunity to travel around the United Kingdom and view many of the famous sites such as Stonehenge. Aberystwyth has grown to my liking with its beautiful sunsets, welcoming people, and beautiful scenery.”