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    Sorry there are no BEACON events to display yet. Please check back soon

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    Beacon Event

    Workshop on sustainable packaging and waste

    Dydd Mawrth, 29fed Ionawr 2019 9:00 - 14:00

    This free half-day workshop hosted by BEACON in conjunction with Menter a Busnes will assist Welsh food and drink producers in making decisions about sustainable packaging and dealing with their waste effectively.

    It will also highlight what support is available to businesses in developing innovative sustainable solutions.

    Presentations include BEACON on packaging and waste; WRAP Cymru; Business Wales; Product design and FabLab; and Intellectual Property Rights.

    Venue: Ty Menai, Parc Menai, Bangor

    Click here to see the event flyer and full programme.

    Register here:

    Beacon Event

    Miscanthus for Wales?

    Dydd Iau, 28fed Medi 2017 9:00 - 17:00

    Miscanthus for Wales?

    Field visit and information day - Thursday 28th September 2017

    An opportunity to visit commercial and research scale Miscanthus plantations in mid-Wales, with follow-up talks by Aberystwyth researchers and the commercial supply chain leaders Terravesta.

    Key speaker - Helen Minnice-Smith, Senior Agricultural & Climate Change Policy Advisor for the Welsh Government

    Terravesta will be on-hand to answer questions around establishment costs, market opportunities and growers’ contracts.


    • Depart from IBERS (Gogerddan campus) at 09:30 a.m. Transport will be provided. (Pickup from Aberystwyth train station available by prior arrangement - please notify Carol Dery, cad22@aber.ac.uk or 01970 621631)

    • Visits to:
    6ha Mxg plantation

    Glanystwyth farm to see Miscanthus as bedding for indoor lambing.

    Pwllpeiran Upland Research Centre for lunch and talks around market development and economics.

    Upland sites

    Click here to see the event programme.

    Please contact Carol Dery to register at cad22@aber.ac.uk or 01970 621631.

    Beacon Event

    BEACON Conference 2017

    Dydd Mercher, 24ydd Mai 2017 10:30 - 0:30

    Announcing the BEACON conference 2017 on 24th & 25th May at Venue Cymru, Llandudno.

    "Developing a Sustainable Bioeconomy for Wales: A Future Roadmap".

    This free event provides a great line up of speakers, company presentations, networking and a free evening conference dinner on the 24th.

    The award-winning BEACON Wales project works to develop biorefining technology and bio-based product manufacture – two key elements of the bioeconomy - and is a Welsh Government EU funded collaboration led by Aberystwyth University working with Bangor and Swansea Universities.

    BEACON helps clients invest in the right technologies to grow their businesses, demonstrating new bio-based processes and products at a commercially-relevant scale.

    BEACON is supporting the transition away from fossil resources by making the best use of biorenewable materials and unavoidable wastes and significantly de-risk the innovation process for anyone exploring a bio-based idea. By working collaboratively with industry in Research & Development, BEACON seeks to significantly speed up the commercialisation of new green processes and products from biomass, including: plants, algae, and wastes.

    BEACON is developing new green technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and benefit the environment, and will also offer new opportunities to support economic activity and jobs, in both urban and rural Wales.

    Click here to see the event programme.

    Reserve your place here.

    Please email Carol Dery with any enquiries at cad22@aber.ac.uk

    Beacon Event

    Biochar Workshop

    Dydd Mercher, 23ydd Tachwedd 2016 9:30 - 16:00

    A FREE workshop on biochar hosted by BEACON

    Speakers include:

    Dr Simon Jeffrey, Harper Adams University

    Sion Brackenbury, Commons Vision Ltd

    Dr Bill Perkins, Aberystwyth University

    Dr John Corton, BEACON

    Damon Hammond, BEACON

    Christopher Nunn, BEACON

    Topics will include: Biochar applications to soils; Biochar for the remediation of contaminated mine water; BEACON pyrolysis capability; Pyrolysis in integrated systems; Issues in commercialising biochar; Life Cycle Analysis.

    Additional activities include: Miscanthus safari; visit to BEACON processing and pyrolysis facilities.

    Who could benefit from this workshop?

    • Anyone creating a fairly dry waste stream
    • Anyone interested in biochar as a soil additive
    • Anyone interested in biochar as a clean-up system / filter


    This workshop will enable you to appreciate:

    • The potential uses of biochar
    • The BEACON capability for biochar from bench scale to pilot scale
    • The benefits of collaborating with BEACON
    • The value of Life Cycle Analysis


    Refreshments and lunch will be provided. Free parking.


    Date: 23rd November 2016

    Time: 10 am - 4 pm (Registration from 9.30 am)

    Venue: Stapledon Suite, IBERS, Gogerddan, Aberystwyth University, Ceredigion, SY23 3EB

    Enquiries: Carol Dery (01970 621631)

    Further information

    Event programme

    Beacon Event

    3ydd Cynhadledd Flynyddol BEACON 2015

    Dydd Mercher, 25ed Mawrth 2015 9:30 - 16:30

    You are invited to attend this FREE one day event

    Wednesday 25th March 2015

    Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff


    Keynote Speaker: Julie Williams, Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales

    Speakers Include:

    • Quentin Clarke- Waitrose
    • Yvonne Armitage - KTN Network
    • Muyiwa Akintoye - Quorn / Marlow Foods
    • Ana Palanca - Aimplas
    • Robert Poyer - Natural Environmental UK
    • Tony Guile - Welsh Government
    • Kevin Stephens - BioExtractions Wales


    Recent years have been a significant time for biorefining in Wales. Having been identified as a key growth area and winning the Regio Stars award 2014, the BEACON project was launched to promote and facilitate collaboration between academia and industry, drive innovation, and support companies that bring biotechnology closer to industrialisation.


    Sessions Include:

    • Integrated Supply Chains
    • Natural Product Biotechnology
    • Funding Opportunities
    • Flash Presentations... from Delegates


    This FREE conference will appeal to industry professionals, start-up companies, SME’s and larger corporations, as well as academic scientists and researchers interested in biotechnology, waste valorisation and a low carbon economy. The event provides a unique environment for industry and academia to network, share knowledge and establish research collaborations.

    More Information

    Register Here

    Beacon Event

    Lle Nesaf ar Gyfer Twf Gwyrdd?

    Dydd Iau, 5ed Mawrth 2015 7:30 - 9:30

    You are invited to attend BEACON’s First Climate Awareness Breakfast

    Dydd Iau 5ed Mawrth 2015

    San Martino's, Mermiad Quay, Bae Caerdydd, CF10 5BX

    Climate Week is Britain’s biggest climate change campaign inspiring a new wave of action to create a sustainable future. In celebration of Climate Awareness Week, BEACON will be holding a breakfast event in Cardiff Bay focusing on lifecycle analysis and sustainability.

    Siaradwyr yn Cynnwys:

    • Dr Rob Elias, Director of Bio Composites Centre
    • Campbell Skinner, Lifecycle Analyst at BEACON
    • Chris Williams, Director of Innoture
    • Dr Ahmed Ali, Research Director at Compton Group


    Dyddiad:  5ed Mawrth 2015
    Amser: 08:15—09:30 (Cofrestru o 7:30am)
    Ymholidau: Kirstie Jones (01970) 823 156
    Lleoliad: San Martino, Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5BX
    Atebion:  Dydd Llun 2ail Mawrth 2015

    Mwy o Wybodaeth


    I Gofrestru

    Beacon Event

    Defnydd Gwell o Gil-gynyrchion Diod Alcoholig

    Dydd Iau, 22il Ionawr 2015 8:30 - 16:00

    Cynhaliwyd seminar AM DDIM gynhelir gan BEACON

    Siaradwyr yn Cynnwys...

    Keith Smyton, Head of Food Division - Welsh Government

    Bill Dobson, Head Brewer - SA Brains & Co

    Paul Corbett, Managing Director - Charles Faram: Hop Merchants

    Dr David Griggs, Technical Director - Crisp Malting

    Themâu sy'n dod i'r amlwg ar draws y diwydiant diod alcoholig yng Nghymru gan cynnwys:

    • Rheoli ac adennill sgil-gynhyrchion o furum , nid dim ond Marmite
    • Adennill sgil-gynhyrchion o rawn a Dreuliwyd Brewer
    • Beth sydd nesaf ar gyfer gwastraff diod alcoholig sy'n seiliedig ar ffrwythau, megis seidr, gwin a gwirodydd
    • Gwneud defnydd o garbon deuocsid
    • Symbiosis diwydiannol yn arwain at bioburo
    • Tuag at ddyfodol diwastraff yn cynhyrchu cwrw

    Dyddiad: 22 Ionawr2015

    Amser: 08:30 - 16:00

    Ymholiadau: Kirstie Jones - (01970) 823156 or kij6@aber.ac.uk

    Lleoliad: Neuadd Reichel, Ffridoledd Road, Bangor, LL57 2TR

    Atebion:: Dydd Gwener 16 Ionawr 2015

    Mwy of Wybodaeth

    Cliciwch Yma i Gofrestru


    Beacon Event

    Seminar Cosmetigau Naturiol

    Dydd Llun, 12th Ionawr 2015 9:00 - 16:30

    Cynhelir gan BEACON, “WISE Network” a’r “BBSRC High Value Chemicals from Plants Network [HVCfP]”

    Siaradwyr yn Cynnwys

    Cathie Martin, John Innes Centre and Persephone Bio Ltd
    Olivia Santoni, Cosmetic Toiletry & Perfume Association
    Elaine Ellington, IP Pragmatics

    Topics Covered:

    • Biotechnoleg Diwydiannol - Cyrchu cynhwysion bioactif gwerth uchel o blanhigion
    • Deddfwriaeth a rheoliadau yn llywodraethu colur
    • Adnewyddu naturiol ar gyfer cynhwysion petrocemegol
    • Arferion busnes cynaliadwy

    Yn dilyn cyfres o gyflwyniadau gan wyddonwyr a arbenigwyr o ddiwydiant, bydd trafodaeth a sesiwn rhydweithio gyda cyfle i ofyn cwestiynau.

    Bydd y seminar yn  apelio i  gweithwyr diwidiant proffesiynol, cwmniau dechrau busnes, busneses bach a chanolig a chorfforaethau mwy o faint, yn ogystal a gwyddonwyr academaidd ac ymchwilwyr gyda diddordeb mewn  cynhyrchion naturiol mewn y sectorau iechyd, gofal croen, maethiad, a harddwch.

    Mae’r digwyddiad yn creu amgylchedd unigryw ar gyfer cynrychiolwyr o diwidiant a’r byd academaidd i rhydweithio, rhannu gwybodaeth a sefydlu cydweithrediadau ymchwil gyda’r opsiwn i wneud cais am tocyn busness ac archwilio tryw’r rhydwaith HVCfP yn ogystal a cyfleoedd cydweithredol yn y dyfodol.

    Dyddiad: 12 Ionawr 2015

    Amser: 09:00 – 16:30

    Lluniaeth a parcio ar gael

    Ymholiadau: Kirstie Jones - (01970) 823156 neu kij6@aber.ac.uk 

    Lleoliad: Neuadd Rheichel, Ffordd Ffridoledd, Bangor, LL57 2TR

    YmatebionDydd Llun 5 Ionawr 2015         

    Mae swm cyfyngedig o LLETY AM DDIM ar gael ar noson Dydd Sul 11 Ionawr i aelodau o’r “HVCfP Network” sydd angen deithio i fynychu’r digwiddiad. Os nad ydych yn aelod o’r HVCfP ar hyn o bryd, gallwch gofrestru am ddim ar https://hvcfp.net/membership/

    Am fwy o wybodaeth ac i wneud cais am lêty, cysylltwch â Kirstie Jones trwy kij6@aber.ac.uk

    Mwy o Wybodaeth

    Cliciwch Yma i Gofrestru

    Beacon Event

    How to Launch a Microbrewery Seminar

    Dydd Gwener, 3ydd Hydref 2014 9:00 - 18:00

    It’s an exciting time to be brewing, selling and drinking beer. Craft beers have become the runway success story of UK pub land—over a quarter of pubs now serve cask ales and independent ales are the fastest growing drinks market in the country. If you’d like to join the micro brewing revolution, this comprehensive one day primer is a must.

    This intensive seminar features an enviable panel of brewing experts, including Cask Reporter Pete Brown, Duncan Sambrook of the acclaimed Sambrook’s Brewery, cuckoo brewing pioneer Gazza Prescott, brewer and SIBA board member Buster Grant, and Waen Brewery head Brewster Sue Hayward.

    Course Description

    This large-scale seminar features a panel of expert speakers from all aspects the craft brewing industry, providing a comprehensive overview of the creative, technical and business elements of establishing a microbrewery. Topics covered on the day include:

    • The craft beer revolution, what craft beer is, and why this is such an exciting time for microbreweries 
    • How to make your brewery stand out from the crowd 
    • How to design and produce new beers
    • Creating recipes: spotting market trend, and developing your own new ideas
    • How to choose and source hops and malt 
    • Brewery finances: the cost of brewing your first pint


    This Master class is run in partnership with the Guardian Masterclasses

    This course is for you if…

    • You already brew your own craft ales and want to scale up your operation
    • You're a big fan of craft beer and want to get involved in the industry yourself
    • You're a microbrew drinker and want to know more about what makes them special

    Only £99.00 - Please note this seminar is FREE if your business is based in the convergence area of Wales!

    To book your places please visit: https://intranet.swan.ac.uk/OnlineStore/Products/Details/788

    If you are based in the convergence area please book your place via kij6@aber.ac.uk

    Click here for more Information

    Beacon Event


    Dydd Mawrth, 17fed Mehefin 2014 9:30 - 14:00

    O ganlyniad i amgylchiadau annisgwyl  mae seminar LCA BEACON i'w gynnal yn Abertawe (17 Mehefin, 2014) wedi ei ganslo ac yn cael ei ail-drefnu ar gyfer mis Hydref. Mae'n ddrwg gennym am unrhyw anghyfleustra a achosir.



    • Ynglŷn â dadansoddiad cylch bywyd a dadansoddi techno-economaidd.
    • Manteision allweddol y technegau hyn ar gyfer eich cwmni.
    • Deall pa ddata fydd yn ofynnol er mwyn cwblhau dadansoddiad.
    • Y camau allweddol a’r pwyntiau penderfynu.
    • Y math o allbwn y gallwch ei ddisgwyl.

    Pwy ddylai Fynychu?

    • Dylunwyr a datblygwyr
    • Gweithwyr proffesiynol amgylcheddol a chynaliadwyedd
    • Rheolwyr Cynhyrchu
    • Rheolwyr busnesau bach a chanolig a chyfarwyddwyr sy’n gweithio yn y sectorau bio-seiliedig a thechnoleg wyrdd


    Beacon Event

    Cynhadledd Flynyddol 2il BEACON

    Dydd Iau, 15ed Mai 2014 9:00 - 16:00

    Ymunwch a BEACON yn ein Cynhadledd Flynyddol 2il yn Stadiwm Liberty, Abertawe, gyda siaradwyr gwadd o Sarum Biosciences, Clifford Jones Timber Group, Pennotec, BioSciences KTN, Alliance of Sustainable Building Products a llawer mwy.

    Hefyd yn y digwyddiad, bydd cynrychiolwyr o ein prosiectau a rhwydweithiau dadogi gan gynnwys HiPLExSon, LCEE, Stars ymhlith eraill  ....

    Cyfle gwych i rwydweithio a bawb sydd â diddordeb mewn bioburo a thwf cynaliadwy!


    Cliciwch Yma i Gofrestu neu Cyswllyt a Kirstie Jones trwy kij6@aber.ac.uk

    Beacon Event

    Cynnydd drwy Bartneriaeth - Astudiaeth Achos Lansio BEACON

    Dydd Gwener, 7fed Mawrth 2014 7:30 - 8:30

    Gwahoddir chi i Lansio Brecwast
    “BEACON - Cynnydd drwy Bartneriaeth - Detholiad o Cwmniau Diwydiannol yn Cydweithio gyda BEACON”
    Dydd Gwener 7 Mawrth, 2014, am 7:30-08:30yb
    Entre Cote, Caerdydd, CF10 5BZ
    Mae'r llyfryn yn rhoi cipolwg ar y gweithgareddau a'r galluoedd ymchwil a datblygu yn ein cyfleusterau BEACON, a sut yr ydym wedi cydweithio’n llwyddiannus gyda nifer o gwmniau ar draws amrywiaeth eang o sectorau diwydiannol.
    R.S.V.P Dydd Llun 3ydd Mawrth, 2014

    Cofrestru Heddiw i Kirstie Jones trwy e-bost at kij6@aber.ac.uk



    Beacon Event

    Seminar Dadansoddiad Cylch Bywyd

    Dydd Mawrth, 25ed Chwefror 2014 9:30 - 13:30

    Seminar hanner diwrnod AM DDIM o ddadansoddiad cylch bywyd (LCA)
    a'r optimeiddio proses.

    Gwahoddir Siaradwr:

    James Nash, Biomass and Renwables Manager, Spencer ECA

    David Styles, Lecturer in Carbon Footprinting, Bangor Univeristy


    Ynglŷn â dadansoddiad cylch bywyd a dadansoddi techno-economaidd.
    Manteision allweddol y technegau hyn ar gyfer eich cwmni.
    Deall pa ddata fydd yn ofynnol er mwyn cwblhau dadansoddiad.
    Y camau allweddol a'r pwyntiau penderfynu.
    Y math o allbwn y gallwch ei ddisgwyl.

    Gofrestru heddi i Kirstie Jones trwy e-bost ar kij6@aber.ac.uk

    Darperir cinio bwffe a lluniaeth. 

    Lleoliad: Neuadd Reichel, Bangor, LL57 2TR

    Mwy o Fanylion

    Beacon Event

    Deunyddiau bioseiliedig i'r diwydiant adeiladu yn defnyddio adnoddau naturiol Cymru

    Dydd Iau, 28fed Tachwedd 2013 8:30 - 13:00

    Deunyddiau bioseiliedig i'r diwydiant adeiladu yn defnyddio adnoddau naturiol Cymru

    Seminar hanner diwrnod ar nwyddau adeiladu cynaliadwy a gynhelir gan BEACON a'r Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

    Mae BEACON a'r Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP) yn eich gwahodd i gymryd rhan mewn gweithdy i’r diwydiant adeiladu yn defnyddio adnoddau naturiol o Gymru.
    Cynhelir y gweithdy yn Neuadd Reichel, Prifysgol Bangor ar 28 Tachwedd 2013.

    Mae cyfle enfawr i gynhyrchu amrywiaeth o nwyddau gwerth uchel o adnoddau naturiol o Gymru. Gellir gwneud nifer o wahanol nwyddau i ddefnyddwyr ac i ddiwydiannau o ddefnyddiau sy'n deillio o adnoddau naturiol. Mae’r rhain yn cynnwys tecstiliau, colur, bio-plastigau, llechi toi a chynnyrch inswleiddio o ffibrau naturiol.

    Mae coedwigoedd ac adnoddau naturiol Cymru yn rhoi cyfle i ddatblygu nwyddau arloesol a chynaliadwy i'r diwydiant adeiladu yng Nghymru. Bydd y gweithdy hwn yn canolbwyntio ar sut i gael y gwerth mwyaf o ffibr ac adnoddau naturiol eraill yng Nghymru trwy wneud bio-gynnyrch a bio-deunyddiau cynaliadwy newydd.

    Mae cwmnïau adnoddau naturiol yn ystyried datblygu a buddsoddi mewn cynnyrch newydd ond mae'n rhaid ymchwilio, datblygu a mabwysiadu technoleg a phrosesau newydd yn eu ffatrïoedd presennol. Rhai o'r risgiau cysylltiedig yw'r risg o gynyddu mewn maint a buddsoddi. Rhaid lliniaru'r risgiau hyn gymaint ag y bo modd. Gall BEACON a'r cyfleuster unigryw ym Mona ar Ynys Môn helpu cwmnïau i leihau’r risg yn sylweddol.

    Caiff cynadleddwyr gyfle i glywed arbenigwyr o feysydd academaidd ac o’r diwydiant yn siarad am:


    • Y cyfle i Gymru - defnyddio adnoddau naturiol Cymru i wneud nwyddau cynaliadwy
    • Ffactorau allweddol i sicrhau llwyddiant i brojectau cynnyrch cynaliadwy
    • Yr heriau a'r gwahanol risgiau a wynebir
    • ASBP - Dull o weithredu ar ffurf consortiwm: Sut y gall cwmnïau adnoddau naturiol fod yn bartneriaid pwysig wrth ddatblygu cynnyrch cynaliadwy a’r cadwyni gwerth sy’n eu cefnogi.
    • Project BEACON, cyfleusterau cynyddu maint i helpu i leihau risgiau'r project - ymweld â'r safle yn y prynhawn

    Bydd dod i'r gweithdy hwn yn ehangu eich gwybodaeth am nwyddau adeiladu cynaliadwy i'r diwydiant adeiladu; dysgu am ddatblygu cynnyrch newydd a sut gall cydweithio gyda
    phrojectau BEACON helpu i leihau risgiau'r project.


    Beacon Event

    Seminar Eiddo Deallusol (ED) BEACON

    Dydd Mercher, 23ydd Hydref 2013 15:30 - 16:30

    Seminar hanner diwrnod ar fasnacheiddio cynhyrchion a hawliau Eiddo Deallusol (ED).

    Bydd y cynadleddwyr yn clywed gan arbenigwyr academaidd a diwydiant am:

    • Sut i adnabod, diogelu a manteisio ar eich Eiddo Deallusol (ED) yn y farchnad a chreu gwerth ar gyfer eich busnes
    • Y cymorth ariannol sydd ar gael gan Lywodraeth Cymru i fanteisio fasnachol eich ED
    • Cydweithio gyda Phrifysgolion a chael y "fargen orau" ar gyfer eich busnes
    • Prosiect BEACON, cyfleusterau ar raddfa i fyny o ran helpu i leihau eich risg i’r prosiect

    Bydd y seminar hwn yn addas ar gyfer busnesau bychain, cwmnïau newydd, busnesau bach a chanolig a chorfforaethau mawr sydd yn weithgar yn y bio-economi yng Nghymru. Mae sectorau yn y farchnad sydd yn barod i’w datblygu yn cynnwys amaeth, cosmeteg naturiol, cynnyrch coedwigoedd a naturiol, ffibrau naturiol, cynhyrchion iechyd a meddygol, polymerau bioseiliedig, cynhyrchion maethol a fferyllol.

    Mwy o Fanylion

    Beacon Event

    Low-Carbon Energy and Environment

    Dydd Mercher, 2il Hydref 2013 15:15 - 16:15

    Low-Carbon Energy and Environment

    Networking and Road-mapping Event

    Evening of 2nd and day of the 3rd October 10:30 - 15:30

    Gregynog Hall  SY26 3PW

    The Low-Carbon Energy and Environment Network of Wales would like to invite you to take part in a networking and roadmapping event to help identify the major barriers and opportunities for research and enterprise in the low carbon sector.

    This multidisciplinary workshop provides an opportunity to network with other member of academia and industry and help identify priorities for Welsh Government and the Research and innovation community.

    For more information and details of how to book your place, please click on the link below:


    Beacon Event

    Plants as Providers of Fine Chemicals Conference 2013 - Bangor University

    Dydd Mercher, 28fed Auguain 2013 15:15 - 16:15

    The School of Chemistry, Bangor University is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the Plants as Providers of Fine Chemicals Conference 2013.

    This year the Keynote address will be given by: Professor Marcel Jaspars, Marine Biodiscovery Centre, Department of Chemistry, University of Aberdeen.

    The plants conference is an opportunity for scientists in industry and academia to broaden their knowledge on different aspects of applied plant chemistry. This year’s keynote speech is on Biosprospecting. The chemistry behind traditional British herbal preparations will be explored, particularly in view of food and personal care product development. In addition, an update on green approaches to plant processing will be given. This is an opportunity for delegates to network with a wide range of Research scientists, instrument manufacturers and advisory bodies.

    For additional information on the programme and to reserve your place please visit the website on http://www.bangor.ac.uk/chemistry/plants.php.en
    Please be aware that places are limited.

    Beacon Event

    Drafodaeth Ryngweithiol ar Fioynni

    Dydd Iau, 13th Mehefin 2013 15:15 - 16:15

    Fossil fuels are non-renewable, and their use releases greenhouse gasses, which contribute to climate change.

    Can bioenergy provide a more sustainable energy solution?

    With rising food prices, should we be using our farm land to grow energy crops? What will the impact be on biodiversity, farmers, the economy?

    Venue: Round Studio, Arts Centre, Aberystwyth

    13th June 2013

    5.30 - 7.30pm

    Free entry

    Beacon Event

    Cynhadledd BEACON

    Dydd Mercher, 12th Mehefin 2013 15:15 - 16:15

    Conference Programme

    I N V I T A T I O N
    You are invited to attend the First Annual BEACON Conference
    Biorefining from Plants to Products
    Wednesday June 12th from 9.15 am
    Venue Cymru, The Promenade  Llandudno,  Conwy  LL30 1BB

    The BEACON Biorefining  Centre of Excellence
    A partnership between Aberystwyth, Bangor and Swansea Universities

    Confronting and mitigating  climate change is a world-wide  challenge. One way of tackling this is
    to make products from renewable feedstocks such as ryegrass, oats and miscanthus  rather than oil.
    BEACON is a £20M Welsh Biorefining initiative supported by the EU and tasked to innovate with
    businesses to develop low carbon solutions.

    Markets sectors ripe for development include agriculture, natural cosmetics, forest and natural
    products, natural fibres, health and medical, bio-based polymers, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical.

    The conference will appeal to micro  businesses, start-up companies, SMEs and large corporates,
    academics and researchers active in the bio-economy in Wales.

    Opening address from Jane Hutt AM, Minister for Finance

    Other speakers including:

    Dr Tim Davies (Green Biologics Ltd) -Bringing Renewable Chemicals to Market: Challenges and
    Dr Zsolt Gemesi (Deputy Director of the UK Climate-KIC) – The Climate-KIC’s role in Building a
    Better Bioeconomy
    Dr Adrian Higson (Head of Biorefining at NNFCC) – Bridging the Bioeconomy Innovation Gap - The Bio
    Base NWE Project
    Dr David Randall (Chemoxy International  Ltd) – Industrial Biotechnology – How did an SME Become

    Numerous networking opportunities
    Places are limited

    For further information and to register for this free event by 1st June
    Sign up on line at : http://beaconwales.org/en/events/booking-form/
    Or phone 01970 823099

    G W A H O D D I A D
    Fe’ch gwahoddir i fynychu Cynhadledd Flynyddol Gyntaf BEACON

    Bioburo o Blanhigion i Gynhyrchion
    Dydd Mercher 12 Mehefin i ddechrau am 9.15 yb
    Venue Cymru, Y Promenad, Llandudno,  Conwy  LL30 1BB

    Y Ganolfan Ragoriaeth Bioburo BEACON
    Partneriaeth rhwng Prifysgolion Aberystwyth, Bangor ac Abertawe
    Her i’r byd i gyd yw mynd i’r afael â newid yn yr hinsawdd a lliniaru effeithiau’r newid hwnnw. Un
    ffordd o fynd ati yw gwneud cynnyrch o ddeunydd adnewyddadwy megis rhygwellt, ceirch a miscanthus
    yn hytrach nag olew. Menter Bioburo Gymreig yw BEACON, werth £20M, a gefnogir gan arian yr UE, a’i
    nod yw arloesi gyda busnesau i ddatblygu atebion isel eu carbon.

    Sectorau Marchnadoedd aeddfed i’w datblygu yn cynnwys amaethyddiaeth, cosmetigau naturiol,
    coedwigoedd a chynnyrch naturiol, ffibrau naturiol, iechyd a pholymerau, faethegol a fferyllol
    meddygol, yn seiliedig ar bio.

    Bydd y gynhadledd yn apelio at fusnesau micro, cwmnïau, busnesau bach a chanolig a chorfforaethau
    mawr, academyddion ac ymchwilwyr gweithredol yn y bio-economi yng Nghymru yn dechrau i fyny.

    Agor anerchiad gan Jane Hutt AC, y Gweinidog dros Cyllid

    Siaradwyr eraill, gan gynnwys:

    Dr Tim Davies (Green Biologics Ltd) -Bringing Renewable Chemicals to Market: Challenges and
    Dr Zsolt Gemesi (Deputy Director of the UK Climate-KIC) – The Climate-KIC’s role in Building a
    Better Bioeconomy
    Dr Adrian Higson (Head of Biorefining at NNFCC) – Bridging the Bioeconomy Innovation Gap - The Bio
    Base NWE Project
    Dr David Randall (Chemoxy International  Ltd) – Industrial Biotechnology – How did an SME Become
    Nifer o gyfleoedd rhwydweithio

    Mae llefydd yn gyfyngedig
    Am fwy o wybodaeth ac i gofrestru ar gyfer y digwyddiad rhad ac am ddim yma erbyn 1 Mehefin
    Gellid cofrestru ar-lein ar http://beaconwales.org/en/events/booking-form/
    Neu ffoniwch 01970 823099

    Beacon Event

    Plants to Products - From Concept to Commercialisation

    Dydd Mawrth, 23ydd Ebrill 2013 15:15 - 16:15

    A half day seminar on product commercialisation and Intellectual Property (IP) rights

    Tuesday, 23rd April 2013

    Neuadd Reichel, Ffriddoedd Road, Bangor Gwynedd, LL57 2TR
    08.30am – 1.00pm
    Buffet lunch and refreshments. Parking available

    BEACON would like to invite you to this exciting and FREE seminar to learn more about the commercialisation of “plants to products” in the bio-economy.

    The Seminar includes wide ranging topics such as:

    •  How BEACON adds value to your business as the “bridge to market” for new product, process and technology development and thus helps minimize market risk
    •  How businesses can access a range of pilot-scale equipment and scientific expertise for research and development work
    •  How to identify, protect and exploit your Intellectual Property (IP) in the marketplace and create value for your business
    •  The impact of IP on the development of natural cosmetics
    •  The financial support available from Welsh Government to commercially exploit your IP

    Following a series of presentations by legal and industry professionals and Welsh Government there will be a Q&A session with opportunities to ask questions. The seminar will close with a buffet lunch and networking.

    This seminar will appeal to micro businesses, start-up companies, SMEs and large corporates active in the bio-economy in Wales. Market sectors ripe for development include agriculture, natural cosmetics, forest and natural products, natural fibres, health and medical, bio-based polymers, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical.

    RSVP by Friday 19th of April to Raine Williams: raine.williams@bangor.ac.uk

    As places are limited for this event, please book early to avoid disappointment

    Beacon Event

    Intellectual Property IP – From Concept to Commercialisation

    Dydd Iau, 14ydd Chwefror 2013 15:15 - 16:15

    A half day seminar on Intellectual Property rights in the Bio-economy
    Thursday, 14th of February 2013
    Institute of Life Science, Swansea University
    9.30am - 1pm
    Lunch buffet and refreshments. Parking available

    BEACON and Swansea University would like to invite you to this exciting and FREE Intellectual Property IP seminar to learn how intellectual property assets are key to your business success in the developing bio-economy. Most businesses owns and uses IP, but how do you identify and protect it and create value for your business? Some of the wide ranging topics we expect to be covered in this seminar include:

    o How BEACON can add value to your business and provide the “bridge to market” for new product, process and technology development

    o How to use IP effectively to protect and exploit opportunities in the marketplace

    Following a series of presentations by IP experts, there will be a Q&A session with opportunity to ask questions. The seminar will close with a lunch buffet and networking. The seminar spaces are offered free of charge, thanks to BEACON project funding by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Welsh Government.

    RSVP by Monday 4th of February to ilscommunications@swansea.ac.uk

    As places are limited for this event, please book early to avoid disappointment.

    ‘Intellectual Property IP – From Concept to Commercialisation’
    A half day seminar on Intellectual Property rights in the Bio-economy
    Thursday, 14th of February 2013
    Institute of Life Science (ILS), Swansea University
    9.30am - 1pm

    09.30  Registration and coffee  ILS 1 Reception and Atrium

    10.00  Welcome Professor Steve Kelly, Swansea University

    10.10  BEACON – From Plants to Products                

    10.20  Acquiring Intellectual Property Rights: How, When and How much?                                      

    10.40  Joint Ventures & Collaboration Agreements         

    11.00  Coffee Break and networking

    11.30  Intellectual Property in an University context       

     11.50  Business Innovation Support 

    12.10  Q&A: Morning Speakers

    12.30  Lunch, networking coffee and close   ILS 1


    Beacon Event

    All Wales and West Microbiology Meeting

    Dydd Iau, 13th Medi 2012 15:15 - 16:15

    For further information see https://sites.google.com/site/allwalesandwest2012/home

    Beacon Event

    Planhigion fel Darparwyr Cemegau Mân

    Dydd Mercher, 29fed Auguain 2012 15:15 - 16:15

    Ysgol Cemeg, Prifysgol Bangor

    Prif anerchiad gan: Yr Athro Monique Simmons FRES, Dirprwy Geidwad Labordy Jodrell a Phennaeth Defnyddio Planhigion yn Gynaliadwy, Gerddi Brenhinol Botaneg, Kew.

    Bydd y gynhadledd hon yn canolbwyntio ar ddatblygiadau diweddar ym maes cemeg planhigion. Rhoddir sylw arbennig i’r ffordd y defnyddir echdynion planhigion neu gyfansoddion wedi’u puro fel cyfryngau i amddiffyn planhigion, cynhwysion mewn cosmetigau, bwydydd llesol, meddyginiaethau a pholymerau a phecynnau bioseiliedig. Bydd y siaradwyr yn y gynhadledd hon yn arbenigwyr o lywodraeth, diwydiant ac academia. Gwahoddir ymchwilwyr sy’n gweithio ym maes cemeg planhigion i ddod i’r achlysur hynod berthnasol hwn.

    Gwahoddir ceisiadau i roi cyflwyniadau llafar a phoster; cysylltwch, os gwelwch yn dda, â Dr. Vera Thoss:  plants@bangor.ac.uk
    Pecynnau cynrychiolwyr o: £45
    Dyddiad cau i gofrestru: 15 Awst 2012

    Beacon Event

    Canolfan Trosglwyddo Technoleg – BioGynhyrchion a BioBuro

    Dydd Iau, 28fed Mehefin 2012 14:00 - 15:00

    Mae Prifysgol Bangor yn - lansiad Canolfan Trosglwyddo Technoleg – BioGynhyrchion a BioBuro - although registration has now closed interested participants can make further enquiries to Stevie Scanlan at  stevie.scanlan@bangor.ac.uk

    Dydd Iau 28 Mehefin 2012

    Canolfan Trosglwyddo Technoleg – BioGynhyrchion a BioBuro

    Unedau 10-12 Parc Diwydiannol Mona, Ynys Môn, LL65 4RJ

    Prif anerchiadau i’w traddodi gan:

    Mr Albert Owen, AS

    Mr Ieuan Wyn-Jones, Aelod Cynulliad dros Ynys Môn

    Yr Athro John Hughes, Is-Ganghellor, Prifysgol Bangor

    3 pm - 5pm Lluniaeth. Lleoedd parcio ar gael.