Relocation of the pyrolysis rig

Thursday, 17th August 2017


Summer 2017 saw the relocation of the pyrolysis rig from its original site by the seed bank at IBERS, Gogerddan, to a new site to make way for construction of the new Aberystwyth Innovation and Enterprise Campus (AIEC).  The three main sections of the rig were carefully dismantled by TRJ Ltd of Ammanford, before being loaded by crane onto the back of a lorry and put into temporary storage for a short time, pending the construction of the blockwork walls to roof level at the new site. Once the new site was prepared, the individual components were loaded onto the lorry once more, and transported to their new position, where they were carefully lowered into position by crane and reconnected. The relocation exercise was supervised by process engineer, Damon Hammond, who pyrolises a variety of feedstocks in the rig to produce biochar.

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