Stapledon Memorial Trust student joins BEACON for the summer

Monday, 04th June 2018

Anaïs Giraudeau from France is working alongside the BEACON team at IBERS, Aberystwyth University during the summer of 2018, after securing a Stapledon Memorial Trust Vacation Studentship Bursary.

Anaïs says: “I am here thanks to a Stapledon Memorial Trust Vacation Studentship Bursaries award to work with Dr Sreenivas Ravella at IBERS. I was well received by the BEACON team members who were very friendly to me on my arrival and til today. The team is listening and is happy to share their knowledge about biorefining with me. I am glad to learn new knowledge in biotechnology and biorefinery fields at pilot scale. Also, the life in Aberystwyth is appreciable particularly for its quietness, its weather and the fresh air of the sea.”