Primary Processing

Primary Processing Unit

The integrated wet biomass processing line is housed in the Primary Processing Unit of the BEACON Pilot Plant Facility at IBERS Gogerddan, Aberystwyth. The process line comprises a series of stainless steel conveyors that feed and/or remove wet biomass between the two processing machines, these being a 15 kW large-mesh hammer mill (forage chopper) and a 10” diameter dewatering screw press.

The Primary Processing unit has 252m2 of floor space comprising an integrated 1 tonne/hour wet feedstock processing line together with a 400kg/hour pellet press production line for dry feedstock densification.

There is also a slow pyrolysis biochar production plant, housed away from the primary processing unit.

The integrated wet feedstock processing line consists of:

  • 15kW hammer mill
  • 10 inch interrupted flight screw press (7.5kW) capable of pressing 1 tonne fresh material per hour
  • A single phase, skid mounted 4 inch Vincent interrupted flight screw press for small scale trials of 50-200kg of material.
  • The press liquor is collected into two 750 litre (dairy) cooled holding tanks.

10" screw press with holding tank

The pellet press line consists of:

  • Tote hopper into a vibratory feed to a 30kW hammer mill (3mm mesh)
  • 42kW pellet mill with a production capacity of up to 400kg/ hour for woody biomass
  • 3, 5 and 6 mm animal feed and biomass dies.
  • A wheeled (freestanding) vibratory feed hopper can be used to deliver premixed material directly to the front of the pellet mill for experimental batch production runs of 10 to 50kgs.

Pellet mill and feed hopper

Aberystwyth Capabilities

Novel Batch Slow Pyrolysis Biochar Production Plant

Vincent CP10 & CP4 Screw Presses

Static Forage Chopper