Static Forage Chopper

Static Forage Chopper

The flail type hammer mill is fixed to floor mountings with a 15 kW three phase drive. It has a new stainless steel vertical drop inlet chute specifically designed and manufactured for its inclusion in the BEACON primary processing unit. Control is through an integrated panel mounted on the screw press frame that also controls both the conveyor feed to the forage chopper and removal of processed material and delivery to the screw press via a 5m long conveyor.

Technology summary:

The key features are:

  • Wet or dry biomass feedstock applications
  • Heavy duty 15 kW motor drive.
  • Integrated mobile stainless steel conveyor feed (4m long).
  • Choice of mesh sizes from ~5mm to 25mm or no mesh use.
  • Cyclone output to minimise dust with dry biomass.
  • Complies with PUWER safety regulations.


While designed as a forage shredder for use on relatively dry material this machine has been successfully employed on the IBERS Grassohol and allied projects for the pre-processing of a range of field wet (75% moisture) forage grasses. The maceration/shredding effect that the chopper gives leads to a significantly better liquor yield from subsequent screw press dewatering. It is also suitable for the chipping, to a range of sizes, of small diameter stem energy crops including miscanthus and willow.