Vincent CP10 & CP4 Screw Presses

Vincent 10" Interrupted Flight Screw Press

The ~1.5 tonne screw press unit is mounted on a stainless steel frame at a base height of ~1.75 m to allow gravity feed of juice into two 750 litre dairy cooled holding tanks. It features an integrated control panel (mounted on the frame) through which the press and all associated wet processing line equipment are controlled.

Technology summary:

The key features are:

  • Estimated throughput of 1000 kg/hr wet biomass.
  • Feedstock feed via a skid mounted mobile 5m belt conveyor.
  • Press cake removal via skid mounted 3m long notched belt conveyor.
  • Constructed of T-304 stainless steel.
  • 10" diameter screw with four stages of compression featuring interrupted, reducing pitch screw flights
  • Half pitch flights n the inlet allows the press to accept variations in input volume and consistency without adjustment.
  • Drive is direct couple to hollow bore gearbox, with an IEC inverter VFD rated 7.5 kW motor, 380 volts, 50 Hz, three phase.
  • Stainless steel screen halves made of wedgewire with 0.4mm wide slots. Screens are removable from the sides to facilitate cleaning.
  • Self-adjusting discharge cone controls press cake moisture content actuated by dual air cylinders.
  • Steam or water addition possible through manifold.
  • Complies with PUWER safety regulations.

An identical format 4” diameter screw press mounted on a mobile skid is available for smaller scale trials.


Screw presses come in a huge range of sizes from those capable of processing just tens of kilos an hour to ones capable of handling hundreds of tonnes per day. They are also found in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Citrus: Pulp and paper, food waste, manure
  • Grass Juicing: Coffee, cooking oil recovery, plastics recycling
  • Cellulosic ethanol: Pineapple, nutraceuticals, juice, food and beverage