Steam in Place Fermenters


The Bioconversion/Fermentation section of the facility comprises a variety of bench-top and pilot scale steam-in-place fermenters.

Steam in Place Fermenters

Two 70 litre mobile skid mounted units and a single 30 litre bench top steam-in-place (SIP) fermenters are housed in the Secondary Processing Laboratory of the BEACON Pilot Plant Facility at IBERS Gogerddan, Aberystwyth.

Technology summary:

The key features are:

  • All units are manufactured by Applikon.
  • Designed for bacterial/yeast culture, though one 70 l unit has been adapted for cell culture use also.
  • Individual control through ADI-1030 units.
  • Minimum working volume ~3 litres (30 litre unit) and ~5 litres (70 litre units).
  • Choice of either overhead or bottom impeller drive on the 70 litre units.
  • Electric heater control of jacket temperature.
  • pH, DO and biomass probes are available.


The BEACON pilot facility bioreactors can be used for a diverse range of applications from scale-up optimisation experiments for biomass conversion to the harvesting of novel enzymes, proteins or other high value fermentative biproducts. The bioconversion of biomass derived sugars to simple C2 products such as ethanol or more valuable C3 and C4 platform chemicals will be a particular focus of the research carried out within the BEACON facility.