Mona - Anglesey

The Bio products and Biorefining Technology Transfer Centre has been based at the Mona site since 2007.  The site has a number of key offerings.

Pressurised refiner consisting of

  • Modular Screw Device
  • Refiner disc (refining zone) with variable residence time 4- 30 min and 2- 20 bar
  • Blowline resination
  • 120 metre Flash drier
  • Fibre collection and mattress forming station
  • Prepress
  • Main hot press

Pilot scale apparatus:

  • 50 litre chemistry processing unit
  • 20 litre rotary evaporator
  • Pilot-scale chromatographic purification
  • Twin screw extruder for wood fibre and polymer composites
  • Film forming line