Dr Andrew Warrilow MRSC

Senior Research Associate

Swansea University


Andrew is Senior Research Officer in the Centre for Cytochrome P450 Biodiversity at Swansea University and part of the LMG for the Beacon Project. He graduated in Biochemistry at Aberystwyth University and undertook his PhD in Plant Biochemistry followed by a postdoctoral position at Long Ashton Research Station.

Research Interests

He has worked on cytochrome P450 and sterol biosynthesis since 1998 in Aberystwyth and Swansea Universities and has more than twenty related publications. He is primarily involved in protein biochemistry, purification, enzymology, assay development and optimisation.

BEACON Activities

  • Member of Swansea Local Management Group
  • Lead scientist for protein biochemistry

Future Plans

Develop links to:

  • exploit microbial use of biomass to produce chemical entities of use to industry and pharma.


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