Beacon Team Member

Campbell Skinner

Life Cycle Analyst

Bangor University


Prior to joining the BEACON project I worked in a number of environmental accounting roles at the university, both in an academic and commercial capacity. Previous work focused on greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprinting, initially in the context of Welsh livestock farming. This broadened out to cover food production supply chains more generally when I joined the university’s commercial footprinting consultancy as their carbon footprint manager. I have also worked with water footprinting using the Global Water Footprint Standard developed by the Water Footprint Network.  Prior to joining the university, I worked in the corporate sector in service and account management roles until returning to academia to study for a Masters.           

Research Interests


I am interested in all aspects of environmental accounting, corporate social responsibility and sustainability management in general.  My role within BEACON focuses on understanding the environmental profiles of bio-based products, especially as compared to established fossil fuel-based alternatives.                    

BEACON Activities

Life Cycle Assessment analysis based at the BioComposites Centre in Bangor