Beacon Team Member

Professor Mike Beckett

Head of Chemistry

Bangor University

Research Interest

Inorganic and analytical chemistry – aspects of main group chemistry, particularly Si and B.

Service offered by the Beckett lab at Bangor University

Interactions with companies seeking help with inorganic or analytical chemistry problems. He has a strong background on the use of multi-element NMR spectroscopy and and using it in the application in measurement of Lewis acidity.


The School has two NMR instruments (400 MHz and 500 MHz) which were purchased under BEACON and are available for use BEACON+.


Professor Mike Beckett is Head of the School of Chemistry at Bangor University, and Director of Teaching for the College of Pure and Applied Sciences.  He is researching materials chemistry in areas related main group (boron, silicon) chemistry.  He has published  over 100 articles and has co-written a text book ('Periodic Table at a Glance', Wiley, 2006).

He was appointed to a lectureship at Bangor University in 1989. Previously, he was Lecturer at Staffordshire University, and before that he held post-doctoral research positions at Exeter University (with Prof E.W. Abel), QMC, London (with Prof B. Aylett) and Leeds University (with Prof N.N. Greenwood and Prof J.D. Kennedy).

He is a Titular Member (2018-19) of IUPAC (Division VIII) and he is leading an IUPAC funded task group on nomenclature of boron hydride systems.  He has been appointed to the International advisory committees of major International Conferences (Imeboron and Euroboron).

BEACON Activities

Currently working with Dr Al-Dulyammi on projects associated with formulation of crop micronutrients and bio-stimulation products. Silicon can act as abiostimulants in agriculture crops. The silicon has to be bioavailable and methods using plant extracts etc in the formulation of agricultural feeds, to enhance bioavailablity, is being investigated.

Future Plans

Investigation of boron as a micronutrient / biostimulant and its bioavailablity.
Inorganic analysis.

Recent Publications (2015-2017)

A new polyborate anion, [B7O9(OH)6]3-: self assembly, XRD and thermal properties  of  s-fac-[Co(dien)2][B7O9(OH)6].9H2O, M.A. Altahan, M.A. Beckett, S. J. Coles, and  P.N. Horton, Inorg. Chem Commun., 2015, 59, 95-98.

K(I)-M(II) (M = Co, Mn) heterometallic-(perfluorinated)organic frameworks containing rare inorganic layered K-O-M linkages: synthesis, crystal structures and magnetic properties, Q. Yan, X-C. Huang, J. Zhong, J. Gao, S.-C. Chen, M.-Y. He, Q. Chen, and M.A. Beckett, J. Coord. Chem. 2015, 68, 2691-2702.

Pentaborate(1-) salts templated by substituted pyrrolidinium cations: synthesis, structural characterization, and modelling of solid-state H-bond interactions by DFT calculations, M.A. Beckett, S.J. Coles, R.A. Davies, P.N. Horton and C.J. Jones, Dalton Trans, 2015, 44, 7032-7040. doi. 10.1039/c5dt00248f. (Open Access).

A new decaoxidooctaborate(2-)anion, [B8O10(OH)6]2-: synthesis and characterization of [Co(en)3][B5O6(OH)4][B8O10(OH)6].5H2O (en = 1,2-diaminoethane), M.A. Altahan, M.A. Beckett, S.J. Coles and P.N. Horton, Inorg Chem., 2015, 54, 412-414, doi:10.1021/ic5027834.

Polyborate anions templated by cationic transition-metal complexes: [Co(diNOsar)2[B3O3(OH)4]Cl5.4.75H2O, M.A. Altahan, M.A. Beckett, S.J. Coles, and P.N. Horton, Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon, 2016,  191, 572-575.

DFT studies on hexaborate(2-) and heptaborate(2-) anions,  R.A. Davies, M.A. Beckett, and C.L. Jones, Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon, 2016, 191, 633-637

Synthesis and characterization of templated pentaborate(1-) salts: X-ray structure of [(2-HOCH2 CH2)C4H7NMeH][B5O6(OH)4].0.3H2O, C.L. Jones, M.A. Beckett, S.J. Coles, and P.N. Horton, Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon, 2016, 191, 628-630.

Recent advances in crystalline hydrated polyborates with non-metal or transition-metal complex cations, M.A. Beckett, Coord. Chem. Rev., 2016, 323, 2-14 [Invited review].

Synthesis, XRD studies and NLO properties of [p-H2NC6H4CH2NH3][B5O6(OH)4].1/2H2O and NLO properties of some related pentaborate(1-) salts, M.A. Beckett, S.J. Coles, P.N. Horton, C.L. Jones and K. Kruger, J. Clust. Sci., 2017, 28, 2087-2095.

Synthesis and characterization of polyborates templated by cationic copper(II) complexes: structural (XRD), spectroscopic, thermal (TGA/DSC) and magnetic properties, M.A. Altahan, M.A. Beckett, S,J. Coles and P.N. Horton, Polyhedron, 2017, 135, 247-257