Dr Gordon Graham Allison

BEACON Scientist

Aberystwyth University


I have worked as a scientist in Aberystwyth since 1991. I graduated in biochemistry at the University of Dundee in 1984 and obtained a Ph.D. in microbiology from the University of Swansea in 1991on the uptake and metabolism of purines by marine micro-algae.  My research interests have included the molecular engineering of condensed tannin composition in forage legumes and the identification of plasma metabolite biomarkers of spongiform encephalopathies in preclinical cattle and sheep.

Research Interests

My research looks at the complex effect of plant cell wall composition on conversion efficiency to heat, power, chemicals and liquid fuels. It has focused largely on biomass crop species e.g. Miscanthus, switchgrass, reed canary, willow and perennial forage grasses.

The goals of my research include expanding understanding of cell wall biology in energy crop species and facilitating the breeding of energy grass varieties of a composition better matched to specific end uses. I use many analytical techniques to characterise cell wall and specialise in developing high through put assays based on infrared analysis and multivariate mathematics.

BEACON Activities

Analysis of feed stock and residue composition and analysis of complex data sets. Future Plans

  • Interact with BEACON partners and industry to use advanced analytical and chemometric techniques to underpin projects.


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