Dr Rob Elias

Director, Biocomposites Centre


Bangor University


  • Research background in materials chemistry and industrial manufacturing experience.
  • Studied the chemical modification of plant fibres for a range of applications in construction and looked at the production of resin systems for gluing wood substrates.
  • Worked in industry as a Technical Manager for a large MDF/PB mill.
  • Experienced in product development and technical services.
  • Spent last 12 years working in Research and Development at the BioComposites Centre. Director of centre and oversee management of 20 staff members.
  • Current research is focussed on development of sustainable materials for a range of applications in construction, plastics, resins and coatings, chemicals and composites.

Research Interests

  • Interested in looking at co-products from biorefinery, developing new bioplastic products and looking for new range of biobased additives for incorporation into range of materials.
  • Interested in developing new packaging products that are smart and can be used to increase shelf life.
  • Looking at the development of products using range of fibres from agri crop or wood based materials

BEACON Activities

  • Management of Bangor University’s BEACON team
  • Participant in workpackage on looking at standard methods for biomass characterisation
  • Participant in looking at impact of future changes in legislation on product innovation
  • Developing contacts with local companies

Future Plans

  • Development of new bioplastics based on lactic acid precursors from rye grass
  • Development of construction materials based on co-product fibres generated by biorefinery
  • Interested in working on seaweed as source of chemical feedstocks for cosmetic and industrial applications
  • Interested in developing new bioresins
  • Seeking to develop EU funded projects


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