Delivery of some big toys

Wednesday, 28th March 2012

Yesterday we had a big day on site and achieved a major milestone in the BEACON Pilot Facility build and installation programme; we took delivery of all of the pilot-scale equipment from Axium Process Ltd!

This included the two membrane filtration skids, the pasteuriser skid and last but definitely not least the primary processing system. The primary processing system consists of an integrated system of three conveyers, a stationary forage chopper and a 10 inch screw press weighing in at almost two tonnes.

Just after 2 pm the large curtain-sided articulated lorry arrived on site from Swansea and off-loading could start. Most of the equipment was fairly straightforward to offload except for the two tonne screw press. Due its weight, high centre of gravity and the somewhat limited clearance for offloading special care had to be taken. However, thanks to the skills of the teleloader operator from E.L.L. Hughes & Sons and Axium’s engineers offloading went smoothly.

After completing the offloading the screw press and forage chopper were carefully manoeuvred into place and bolted down in their final position. Next up will be the completion of the installation process which will involve tying in the electrics and pneumatics and the system will be ready for commissioning.

A special thanks to everyone involved in this operation especially Axium Process Ltd and E.L.L Hughes & Sons getting this job done professionally and safely!

Bernd van Houten

Preparing for offloading.

Pasteuriser skid is offloaded first.

Lift-off on the two tonne screw press.

Screw press manoeuvred into the primary processing area.

Positioning the screw press.

Primary processing system after having been secured into place.