BEACON 2nd Annual Conference

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    BEACON 2nd Annual Conference

    Thursday, 15th May 2014

    Join BEACON for our 2nd Annual Conference at the Liberty Stadium in Swansea.

    A leading conference where research and industry meet to discuss recent biorefining technologies, processes and applications.

    The 2nd Annual BEACON Biorefining Centre of Excellence Conference will present the latest developments in biorefining, separation and conversion processes as well as new bio-based products.

    BEACON will gather expert speakers from the biorefining industry as well as case studies from Welsh SME’s leading the way in implementing these new processes.

    #Impact and Capability

    Delegates will learn about the impact and capability BEACON has had over the past 12 months with presentations from our three partner universities covering the chemical, biological and material sciences.

    #Business Interactions

    Delegates will have the opportunity to engage in an interactive session to give their views on the biorefining industry and let us know what SME’s are looking for.

    #Industrial Symbiosis

    Delegates will hear from experts in the biorefining industry on utilising waste streams and developing a circular economy wherever possible. Case studies will be delivered by  Welsh based companies Clifford Jones Timber and Pennotec.

    #Emerging Sectors

    Delegates will hear from leading organizations in the fast emerging sectors of the biorefining and life science sectors. Presentations will be delivered from Biosciences KTN, DGE Consultancy, ASBP, and BioHorizons.

    Also at the conference affilitae projects and networks will be present including HiPLExSon, STARS, LCEE, amongst many more!!! 


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