How to Launch a Microbrewery Seminar

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    How to Launch a Microbrewery Seminar

    Friday, 03rd October 2014

    It’s an exciting time to be brewing, selling and drinking beer. Craft beers have become the runway success story of UK pub land—over a quarter of pubs now serve cask ales and independent ales are the fastest growing drinks market in the country. If you’d like to join the micro brewing revolution, this comprehensive one day primer is a must.

    This intensive seminar features an enviable panel of brewing experts, including Cask Reporter Pete Brown, Duncan Sambrook of the acclaimed Sambrook’s Brewery, cuckoo brewing pioneer Gazza Prescott, brewer and SIBA board member Buster Grant, and Waen Brewery head Brewster Sue Hayward.

    Course Description

    This large-scale seminar features a panel of expert speakers from all aspects the craft brewing industry, providing a comprehensive overview of the creative, technical and business elements of establishing a microbrewery. Topics covered on the day include:

    • The craft beer revolution, what craft beer is, and why this is such an exciting time for microbreweries 
    • How to make your brewery stand out from the crowd 
    • How to design and produce new beers
    • Creating recipes: spotting market trend, and developing your own new ideas
    • How to choose and source hops and malt 
    • Brewery finances: the cost of brewing your first pint


    This Master class is run in partnership with the Guardian Masterclasses

    This course is for you if…

    • You already brew your own craft ales and want to scale up your operation
    • You're a big fan of craft beer and want to get involved in the industry yourself
    • You're a microbrew drinker and want to know more about what makes them special

    Only £99.00 - Please note this seminar is FREE if your business is based in the convergence area of Wales!

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