Innovation Opportunities from Waste

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    Innovation Opportunities from Waste

    Thursday, 14th January 2016

    KTN with Innovate UK will host a workshop "Innovation Opportunities from Waste" on 14th January 2016 at the Studio in Manchester.

    The aim of this scoping workshop is to identify innovation challenges or opportunities related to the recovery of valuable materials from wastes arising from industrial activity in the UK.  The workshop will explore potential opportunities for valorising waste from key priority sectors, including construction, agri-food, health, chemicals, materials and textiles in the UK.

    The result from the workshop will provide Innovate UK and KTN with robust evidence for any need to address barriers and stimulate opportunities for UK industry to maximise potential value recovery from waste generated.  The discussions will help to inform the scope for potential future Innovate UK competitions in key priority themes.


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