Dr Adam Charlton

BEACON Project Manager - Bangor University

Bangor University


Adam's recent focus on biorefining and developing novel fractionation and extraction technologies for biomass has culminated in significant research investment and collaborative projects with industry on various aspects of biorefining.
Adam co-ordinates Bangor University's input into BEACON, a five year, £20 million EU funded initiative to establish a Welsh Centre of Excellence in Biorefining, and has responsibility for managing the BioComposites Centre BioProducts and BioRefining - Technology Transfer Centre located at Mona, Anglesey.

Research Interests

  • Biomass fractionation and conventional solvent extraction to produce speciality chemicals
  • Specific interest in the application of supercritical carbon dioxide to the production of high value chemicals as part of a biorefinery
  • Valorisation of biomass for the production of new materials for the construction and packaging sectors as part of a biorefinery

BEACON Activities

  • BEACON Project Manager-Bangor University
  • Manager of the BioProducts and BioRefining -Technology Transfer Centre (BPR-TTC), Mona, Anglesey
  • Responsibility for application of various pilot scale technologies at the BPR-TTC and working with industry to commercialise biobased products through BEACON

Future Plans

  • Ensure long term sustainability of BEACON beyond the current programme by working with colleagues at Aberystwyth and Swansea Universities to secure additional funding
  • Oversee the continued expansion of the pilot scale activities at the BPR-TTC
  • Expansion of industrial contacts working with the BPR-TTC to develop/ commercialise new technologies, as part of BEACON
  • Development of new BEACON links to research institutes in the UK/ Europe/ other world regions with an interest in biorefining

Recent Publications

Winters, A.L., Leemans, D., Morris, S. M., Pippel, J., Lovatt, A. J., Charlton, A., Gallagher, J. High-sugar perennial ryegrass as a feed-stock for bioconversion to platform chemicals Aspects of Applied Biology, Non Food Uses of Crops, Smith, L.; Stafford, A.; Weightman, R. (Eds) 101, (Association of Applied Biologists), 79-86 , (2010)

Charlton, A,  Gallagher, J., Elias, R.M,  Fish, S. and Fowler, P.A., The Biorefining Opportunities in Wales: Understanding the scope for building a sustainable, biorenewable economy using plant biomass Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 87, 1147-1161, (2009) (invited manuscript for a special issue on Integrated Biorefineries)