Beacon Team Member

Dr Mike Hale

BEACON Scientist

Bangor University


I have many years research experience with wood decaying fungi, sometimes to prevent decay using environmentally benign systems and at other times to promote decay and produce various products and transformations as a result of their activities. I have also worked on a variety of edible fungi both from decaying lignocellulosics and mycorrhizal fungi, including truffles. For a number of years I have also been involved in fungal tree diseases, their detection and the effects of climate change and genetics on disease.


Research Interests

Chemical and biological modification / transformation of wood and lignocellulosics. Production and use of enzymes in bioprocessing. Lignin breakdown. Antifungal compounds and fungal competition.


BEACON Activities

Isolation and characterisation of fungi with conventional and novel activities for use in bioprocessing.
Products of fungi grown on lignocellulosics (e.g. wood, Miscanthus, industrial by-products).
Production of high value products from white rot and other wood decay fungi.



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