Mission Statement

BEACON will build integrated ‘Green Supply Chains’ with a focus on developing new routes to  functional, cost competitive products using biomass rather than oil. 

Our intention is to understand and engage with businesses so we cultivate and then deliver ‘Green Technology Solutions’ to benefit industry across a  range of sectors.  To facilitate this we have a network of scientific expertise based at Aberystwyth, Bangor and Swansea Universities with capacity to provide solutions from bench to demonstration scale.

Our aim is to enhance the embryonic green economy by applying excellent science to stimulate new job creation, inward investment and the promotion of Welsh scientific excellence at a global level.

BEACON seeks to:

    Establish links between the business community and academia within Wales
    Develop new products and processes that will support economic growth
    Create highly skilled jobs in the area of green biotech
    Support inward investment
    Promote science excellence from Wales